Water For Wildlife

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Providing Additional Water Sources for Wildlife

Water for Wildlife is a conservation program designed to benefit our nation's wildlife by developing supplemental water resources in selected areas.

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A quick overview

Water for Wildlife is a conservation program designed to benefit our nation's wildlife. Our initial emphasis focuses on antelope preservation and management through the development of supplemental water resources in selected areas where both the habitat and wildlife are being impaired by lack of this vital resource. The State Game and Fish Department and the Bureau of Land Management cooperate jointly with Water For Wildlife in the creation and development of this unique conservation program.

The benefits

The antelope herds, as well as, other big game herds of the United States are dependent on their habitat for water, feed, and cover. This conservation project provides additional water sources for wildlife. With the help of generous donations, over 400 water facilities have already been developed and maintained in eleven states. In addition, the future for all non-game animals, songbirds, raptors and waterfowl, as well as, domestic livestock will be assured. Our goal is to benefit our wildlife and environment in arid regions of the West. We wish to create awareness for the public and private segments of our society.

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